ROSE Shirt


Sizes 34 to 46

Sewing level: 2/4

Rose is an original little blouse with petal adorned neckline. Fresh and a touch regressive, it will make all of your jeans or shorts more feminine. Its retro feel welcomes any kind of patterned fabric.

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Patron de couture téléchargeable au format PDF


  • 130 cm of 140 cm wide fabric
  • Finishing tape or bias tape of 120 cm x 3 cm wide
  • 5 matching buttons or 8 small snaps

Fabric suggestions

lightweight twill, cotton, lightweight denim, silk, rayon, very lightweight wool etc.

Pattern drafted for a 165 cm height.

Sizing chart

Pour choisir votre taille : prenez vos mensurations corps à nu (sans aisance) et comparer avec le tableau et sélectionnez votre taille.
Arm Circumference25,626,82829,230,431,632,8

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